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The Pinal County Republican Committee passed a Resolution seeking cancellation of the May 12 election results. Write to us when your County or Legislative District passes this Resolution or a similar one.

May 29 Update at Resolution section below.

May 30 Update: On May 23rd we began asking to review routine Republican Party information, blank ballots from the May 12 election. AZGOP still refuses to answer our request. Why is AZGOP hiding such routine information as voting ballots that were distributed to over one thousand voters?

Did you attend the Fundraiser Dinner on May 11? And then, did you find other candidates were highlighted on the ballot you ran on for National Delegate? Does AZGOP recognize the value of statewide grassroots Republicans?

If you agree our AZGOP reported “election results” are not credible, please bring the following Resolution to your County or Legislative District Republican Committee meeting.

The purpose of this site is to encourage you to bring a Resolution to your local Republican County or District meeting to condemn the May 12 AZGOP National Delegates  election.



• Asterisks by favored names on the ballot
• Select Candidates listed out of order at the top of the ballot
• Names were printed on the ballot twice
• Qualified candidates missing from the ballot entirely
• Two page ballots that allowed over-voting
• No credentials check to see the right number of ballots were cast
• 3 hour wait between ballots
• Voting for “At-Large” candidates without the results of CD breakout elections.




Whereas The Arizona Republican Party provided a convention to conduct the election of Delegates to the 2012 Republican National Convention; and

Whereas the state party election included ballots which favored some candidates over others by listing candidate names out of order and with special markings on the ballot; and

Whereas the state party election included two page “At Large” ballots on which the number of votes cast is impossible to count as no method for linking the two pages exists; and

Whereas credentials of the voters were not checked to know if a proper amount of ballots were cast by each voter; and

Whereas some candidate names were listed on the ballot more than once while other candidate names were missing from the ballot entirely; therefore be it

Resolved, The (Here name your County or Legislative District) Republican Committee hereby condemns the reported election results derived from the biased ballots and inaccurate tally methods employed in said election.


Update: There can be no confidence in the reported election results due to the improper At Large ballot and other conditions. However, this site does not  call for A-Delegates/Alternates highlighted on the ballot to resign  their position due to AZ GOP reported “election results” of the B-Delegates/Alternates.


Fellow Concerned Arizona Republican,

Whether or not you endured the May 12 Convention fiasco, we and those Republicans who will attend the 2016 State Quadrennial Convention are affected by those proceedings.

If we who object to all the problems of the May 12 Convention remain silent grassroots Arizona Republicans are more likely to get steamrolled again in 2016 by improper ballots and inaccurate voting procedures. The National Delegates election belongs to Arizona Republicans. It does not belong to AZGOP to negotiate the outcome.

Please bring the above Resolution to a vote of your local official Republican Committee. In some areas of the state that is a County Committee. In others it is a Legislative District Committee. Even though we are organizing by new Legislative Districts now, this Resolution applies. It can be the first constructive effort of your new District Committee. If you cannot get it into your May meeting please try for your June meeting.

Most District and County Committees provide for a motion to be made for a Resolution during the New Business section of a meeting. Robert’s Rules of Order provides for constructive and democratic meetings, to help, not hinder, the business of the assembly. Under no circumstances should “undue strictness” be allowed to intimidate members or limit full participation. Regardless of Robert’s Rules of Order specifics, members are to have a means to voice their concern and have a Motion for a Resolution seconded and put to a vote of the membership.

If you are not sure how to make a Motion for a Resolution at your County or District meeting, simply ask your District Chairman or other officer  if there is a preferred method. Whether a District Officer agrees with the purpose of the Resolution or not is irrelevant. A request for your officer’s preferred method to make a motion should be met with a respectful and accurate response.

400 National Delegate candidates thought they would be participating in a fair, open and honest election. That’s not what they found. What surprises may be  in store for the August Republican Primaries? Since May 12 AZGOP has not come out with more confidence inspiring information.

Some May 12 candidates were listed on the ballot out of order or with an asterisk by their name. Some fit a description printed on the ballot such as  “Numbers 1 through 19 are Mitt Romney endorsed.”

Participants in the election could have been forewarned that AZGOP planned to campaign for candidate choices on the actual ballot prior to investing in their  trip to Phoenix. Tell AZGOP “Don’t tread on me.”